Pictures of URU Graduates

As Each Graduate Leaves URU, They Take A Memory With Them and Leave a Memory Behind...

Two of the Graduates,from the last century event, collecting coals from the previous nights Fire Walk.  They will remain friends for life.  Laughter and tears were shared by all, as each of the attendees discovered they could truly control their own destiny.
Steve showed us all how to overcome our fears and to set personal objectives. What an adventure it is to find out that we can break boards and bricks with ease.
Our first guided nature walk proved to be a great success.  How many times have you taken a lady bug for granted.  Nature is for all of us to preserve...  It has to start within each of us.  This land is only on loan to us.  It is up to each and every one of us to be it's keeper.
Sarah is one of our youngest fire walkers.  At eleven years old, this strong minded person will hopefully carry our message into the next century.

This goes to prove that you are never too young to start, and never to old to begin.

There were few dry eyes as this event took place.  I will not even attempt to describe the occasion.  This one is for those that shared.  'Tears are merely a means for a man to wash his face'.  If this is true - I will tell you that this man writer has a very clean face...
This special millennium event brought friends together from Missouri, to Canada, to Florida, and to almost every other imaginable place on this delicate planet.
A feeling of having obtained a lifetime accomplishment.
Gail and Bob get to sit back
and reflect upon one of the recent week-end events.