Take a Fire Walk with Bill
Firewalk With Bill
Bill Murphy fire walks at a retreat in Florida City.
There are thousands of products on the market that promise a healthier life, a fatter wallet and a better marriage. However, there is one practice used by thousand of people across most of the world's continents that could also achieve the same goals. It's fire walking. Dozens do it every week in Central Florida at University Remembrance University, a retreat in Floral City. Gail Baiman is a master instructor at the University. She said fire walking can empower people to do great things with their lives. "Fire walking has eliminated many hours on a therapist's couch," Baiman said. She said fire walkers at the retreat gain courage, friends and a positive outlook. She said, as a result, they have left abusive spouses, reduced the spread of cancers and made difficult career choices. Bill Murphy walked across fire at the retreat recently. He said it was hard to describe the emotions he felt after the walk. Gail was at the end of the walk to reward Bill with a big hug.

To see his walk across the coals, the construction of the fire pit and the motivation the journey gives others, just head to Tampa Bay On Demand, Channel 340 and Central Florida On Demand, channel 340. Select the Around Town and Murphy's Journal section.

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Fire Walking Video
Sarah does fire walk at 11 years of age!
An article that appeared in the St. Petersburg Times January 18, 2000

By: Julianne Wu
Photo By: Douglas R. Clifford
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