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                        UNIVERSAL REMEMBRANCE

                                   UNIVERSITY, INC.


                                   HEARTS ON FIRE

       Warmly invites you to share in a very special

                                 THIRTEENTH  ANNUAL


                                             DON’T MISS THE


                                      World Peace Meditation

                                 Dec. 31st, 2011 @ 7.00 a.m. sharp!!!

              This experience occurs throughout the WORLD at 12 noon

                            Greenwich Mean Time (7:00 am our time)


                                    Celebrate New Years Eve and

                       attend an EXTRAORDINARY FIREWALK

                                           (Walking on the hot coals is optional)


When:         Sat. Dec. 31, 2011,  Sun. Jan. 1, 2012

Sat. 1 pm  – through Sun. 12 noon

Where:       9945 66th St. N., Pinellas Park, Fl. held at our beautiful new Community Connections Center.

Who:          Firewalk will be led by Certified Firewalk Instructors.

We are blessed to have Armand and Angelina join us with their wonderful musical ministry,  and this year we are thrilled to have

Jimbo Talbot featuring rhythmic drumming from Drum Quest.

Cost:                    *Only $125...including a sumptuous New Years Eve dinner)




                                                     Call Gail Baiman, 727-430-2415

                                                        *Special Price for Repeaters: $100


For more information, e-mail through or contact page or call.

Invites you to join us in:



 MAY 6, 2012-MAY 19, 2012

 John of God is one of the world’s most renowned spiritual healers and mediums.  The love and divine energy that flows through John of God touches everyone who visits the Casa de Dom Inacio.  People from all over Brazil and around the world have been healed of psychological, spiritual and physical maladies, the latter including most forms of cancer, AIDS, hepatitis, asthma, blindness, paralysis and more.  Although John does not guarantee any cures, saying that it is God who heals, not him, many have found relief and healing at John’s center, the Casa de Dom Inacio.  Some people also go to the Casa primarily for spiritual work, as it is such a powerful environment for spiritual development, and some go to improve their own effectiveness as healers.

 John of God has said that he prefers that people going for the first time to the Casa go with an experienced guide.  As of early 2011, author Josie RavenWing will have been a guide for over 100 groups to the Casa!  She provides in-depth information about the functioning of the Casa and guidance throughout your stay in Brazil, translates, helps you with your healing process and offers additional insights about Brazil’s spiritual healing culture.  Her third and most recently released book, “The Book of Miracles: The Healing Work of Joao de Deus” is recommended reading before your journey, as it contains a great deal of information that will help you make the most of your time in Brazil.

 Universal Remembrance University (URU) All-Inclusive Package Includes:

·        Twelve (12) nights lodging (single occupancy) at Hotel San Raphael

·        Breakfast, lunch and dinner daily with vegetarian options

·        Round trip ground transportation from Brasilia Airport to Abadiania

·        Introduction to John of God and the Entity with Josie RavenWing as your translator

·        Private tour and orientation to the Casa de Dom Inacio and the grounds

·        Presentation of photos (friends and family) to the Entity for blessing and healing.

·        Trip to the Sacred Waterfall, group meetings, meditations, individual consults, etc.

·        Round trip airfare from Miami, Florida to Brasilia Airport., leaving May 6,   and returning, May 19, 2012


You can reserve your space with a minimum $300 non-refundable deposit.


Gail Baiman at 727-399-1204 or 727-430-2415
Thru our contact form here!

Please note: Space is limited to 15 people, please reserve early.




A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step...your next step will determine how you choose to serve the universe; and perhaps for you, it will be the beginning of fulfilling the life purpose that you were born to live. You are a unique and a powerful source of inspiration, otherwise you would not have received this e mail.


This is a rare opportunity to study with two FIRE Masters. They have collectively experienced some of the most unique moments in Firewalking history. The opportunity to receive their perspectives acquired during the formative years of the Firewalking movement will provide the wisdom necessary to avoid many future challenges. These individuals have been intimately involved in the Firewalking movement from its earliest years.
This unique opportunity may be offered only once this year beginning March 5th and concluding on March 10th, 2011.  The workshop will have a very limited enrollment and will be held in a true paradise filled with beautiful flowers, birds and butterflies. There are few places on earth any more beautiful than the Orosi Valley in Costa Rica.  This is the place where many spiritual scholars have come for their retreats and to write their great books.


 This seminar is designed to provide additional resource material and experiences which will enhance the practical and spiritual aspects of any Firewalking instructor's repertoire of skills. It will provide the basis for making appropriate decisions before, during and after Firewalks. Existing leaders with successful seminar businesses may also feel called to participate in order to rekindle their energies with passion and renewed commitment attained by spending time together with like-minded individuals in a supportive atmosphere. There will be diverse and unique viewpoints presented by the instructors who have their own operating retreat centers dedicated solely to Firewalking and experiential education.


Learn how to start your own center. Learn different approaches to financing a center, building your own support team or Firewalking community, and effective goal setting tools which provide the basis for success. Learn to create your mission statement that will guide all your decision making processes toward successful outcomes. Learn how to attract and handle large groups of people. Learn many of the songs and chants that firewalkers around the world sing. Experience many, many different group "games" and processes that connect people and learn why we do what we do.


Both FIRE Masters are also Master Prosperity Teachers who demonstrate prosperity and unconditional love in their daily family, business and social lives. Learn the Universal Laws of Prosperity that they follow and how to teach them to others.


You will leave Costa Rica as both a Firewalking Instructor and a Prosperity Teacher!


This workshop will be led by John Maisel and Gail Baiman.  Both Gail and John were trained by Edwene Gaines, the Master of Master Prosperity Trainers!!  John Maisel has studied with and served as an assistant to both Firewalking Institute of Research and Education founder Tolly Burkan and Peggy Dylan, founder of Sundoor. Gail has also served as assistant to Tolly Burkan. These are the two most successful firewalking training and certification entities in the world.
John was there on camera at the Geraldo show before 19 million viewers as Tolly Burkan, founder of the Firewalking movement, taught Geraldo Rivera how to walk on fire.  He provided logistical and technical support for Peggy Dylan as she led several hundred REMAX firewalkers safely across the coals. For five years he was part of the support team that helped certify scores of today's Firewalking instructors. Plus, he has led thousands of his own students from around the world safely across the coals since 1990. In fact he was a co presenter with Tung Desen Warigen as they led over 900 participants safely across the coals in Jakarta, Indonesia.
John is a resource on Firewalking for ABC, CBS, NBC, MTV and PBS where he has provided numerous Firewalking seminars of live television for regional television personalities. In recent years he appeared on one of MTV's top programs where he traveled to Tahiti to provide technical assistance and acted as a resource for participants on the program. He has also provided technical support for the famous Survivor television program in the Pearl Islands off Panama.


Gail has also appeared on many television shows. Gail has an international retreat center called Universal Remembrance University, Inc. (U.R.U.) in Florida.  Both John and Gail each have over thirty years of successful business experience and they are able to valuably assist individuals in crafting their own profitable business. Gail has been recognized in Who's Who in America, Who's Who in American Women, Who's Who in Business and has received many other awards for her business acumen. John has been recognized locally as Businessman of the Year and is a highly sought after public speaker.


In fact John certified Charles Horton as a Firewalking Instructor, the current leader of the Firewalking Institute of Research and Education (F.I.R.E.), and lead Charles safely across his first Firewalk experience as part of a training seminar for one of Charles’ very successful companies.  Both Gail and John are very proud of the contributions and advances that Charles and his partner Matt have made for the Firewalking Movement worldwide.


The Dates of this Event
This year's training will begin on Saturday, March the 5th at 7 PM with a welcome banquet and fiesta featuring live Costa Rican music at our host hotel Rancho Rio Perlas Spa and Resort . All participants should make plans to arrive at the resort no later than 6 PM on that Saturday. 
We will handle your reservations as a service for you.  The training concludes with a Firewalking ceremony on the slopes of the world famous Volcano Arenal Wednesday, March 9th at 7 PM. We will be staying at the Arenal Manoa Resort and Spa for that night. Please let us know if you want to stay an additional night.  The La Fortuna area near the Volcano is very beautiful and has many attractions. 



The Cost of the Certification

The cost of the Firewalking Prosperity Certification is only $1500.00.  The cost of the training will increase to $2000.00 for those waiting until February 20th or later.  There will be a 5% surcharge added to credit card payments.


About Costa Rica


Costa Rica is a modern nation and is very clean.  In most places that you travel the water is safe to drink, but if you have a sensitve stomach buy bottled water.   The food preparation in the simplest locations is clean.  Most of the Costa Rican people that you will meet are neat, kind, and rather shy...they avoid conflict and upsets (they are the only nation in the Western Hemisphere that has not had a standing army since 1947). The hotels that we have selected are known for their cleanliness and the quality of their food.  Pura Vida is their favorite saying which means live the good life and has a similar charm to the alohas of Hawaii.


What to bring


We will be spending most of our time in the mountains of Costa Rica and it can get cool there at night (60 to 70 degrees) and warm during the day (75 to 85 degrees).  So it is best to bring layers of cotton clothing, closed toe shoes like tennis shoes or sandles with protected toes, bathing suit, shorts for the daytime and long pants for night around the fire. Non aerosal insect repellant would be a great investment in your confort during the training.  Insects are not a huge problem since we are a higher elevations, but it is best to be ready. Also some sort of anti itch cream with benadryl and triple antibiotic ointment like neosporum is handy to have. Even though we are in the tropics we will be at attitudes between 3000 and 5000 feet.  Also while we invite you to join us in setting an important intention for EASE, clear skies, cool temperatures, and ICE COLD FIRES during the intensive,  a light weight raincoat or umbrella can be handy to have during your stay.


Current instructors are invited to join us this year and rekindle the fire within and apply for next year's Master's training which will be limited to a small highly qualified group!


Just imagine, in only four days, and for only $1500.00, you can take Firewalking instructor skills to the next level, guaranteed! Those who know they have something special to share with others and those who want to take advantage of this opportunity to attain personal excellence should enroll now. Only a limited number applicants will be selected to attend this exhilarating and unforgettable experience. For more information and e-mail addresses, please go to and and register now.


Love, light and FIRE!


Gail Baiman and John Maisel